WORKZ connects individuals and protects mobile subscribers of today and tomorrow by providing secure removable or embedded eSIMs and remote provisioning solutions for consumer, M2M and IOT devices.

Since our start in 1997, we have securely managed over 8 billion connections in more than 60 countries all without a single data breach. Our goal is to be a global player in the IoT ecosystem driving the secure deployment of smart devices and IoT applications faster and easier than ever before.

We deliver over 1.5 billion mobile products each year across the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. Our GSMA-SAS certified manufacturing facilities produces eUICC, UICC SIM cards as well as scratch cards and packaging. We also provide RSP and Device Management solutions. WORKZ is the only GSMA-SAS certified eSIM factory for data preparation, personalization and remote SIM provisioning in the Middle East and Africa.

Workz now has offices in Dubai South Africa, Hong Kong, UK and USA

IoT Solutions

Workz provides GSMA certified IOT solutions for eSIM, both removable and embedded, data preparation, and personalization. Workz also provides GSMA certified remote SIM provisioning services and OTA campaigns. We provide Proof of Concept use cases and IOT starter kits.

Mobile Security

As a secure printer, Workz provides airtime voucher data management and printing, SIM card profile development, keys handling and data preparation.

Telecom Subscriber Products

Workz also provides SIM cards, recharge cards, retail packaging, logistics and distribution. Workz is an IATA certified transportation company.

Workz – brief history

1997 – 2000 – Workz started in Dubai as Brightpoint (NASDAQ: cell) working out of the Jebal Ali Free Zone. Brightpoint relocated to the Dubai Airport Free Zone.  Brightpoint’s two main business activities were Nokia handset distribution and integrated services sales to mobile network operators.

2005 – 2006 – management buyout executed. Nokia handset trading business was bought back by Brightpoint and the network operator trading business took the Workz name.

2013 – 2019 – Workz invested in manufacturing facilities and built a high capacity SIM, eSIM, recharge card factory, fulfillment and logistics center in the Dubai Production Zone. Workz was GSMA EUM and SM certified.

Today Workz International is a UAE based company With operations in USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Hong Kong

Workz Corporate Structure


Unsung Heroes

Since starting in Dubai (1997), we grew organically by listening to the needs of our clients. We began as a regional handset trading company and became a global mobile telecoms security products manufacturer and supply chain logistics provider.


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Now headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Workz Group Telecom has facilities and offices in the UAE, Germany, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Africa, Senegal, USA, and Hong Kong. Workz are a regional supplier that provides locally manufactured products and services that support over 85 mobile network operators and MVNO’s worldwide.

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